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Tinting the Lens

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Jul. 19th, 2008 | 11:35 am
location: www,homofactuspress.com

 We are currently accepting submissions for this anthology. 

Spokes: Intimates of color, trans-identities, Masculinity and Relativity

There are a plethora of books addressing the ‘social construction of masculinity.’ About 90 books deal specifically with trangender identities but only four of the 90 specifically offer more than an obligatory glimpse of what is repeatedly understood as the ‘illusive Ftm of color.’

Where are the voices, opinions, insight of all the black, brown, red and yellow tomboys, “thatways,” butches, bull daggers, ‘brothers,’ guys like us, etc? Who is recording our journeys in this lifetime? How are women of color dealing with being seen as masculine, living like / as, wanting to be ‘men?’ Where do we find support, education, resources and self-esteem? Are we silent because it is “not an issue?” Is it a “white thing/way” to want to find answers to these questions? Where are the unpublished works of our poets, authors, theorist, teachers, artist, photographers, performers, peers and mentors? I am certain I am not the only one in this world who wants to know.

So I have been asked to edit an anthology on `persons of color’ (I know this term has its problems…if it offends you my apologies. Trust me when I say I wrestled in near agony, before making the choice to use it. I ultimately decided it was distracting me from the task at hand, by giving me a reason to procrastinate. “Lord knows I need no help puttin’ off.”) who are / were born female and now live all or a significant portion of their lives as masculine women (butches, studs, aggressors, ballers, playas….,) Ftm, transmen (boi, daddy, tranny, tranny fag, G3 [gee cued –gender gifted guy,] drag kings, male illusionists, gender performers, transgenders, transsexuals, gender-queers and the likes.

All submissions, commentary and visual history shall be fully considered. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ACADEMIC, “POLITICALLY APPROPRIATE” or “GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT” I am also accepting photos, written works, sketches, drawings, digital imagery, reprints, project descriptions, cartoons, erotica and more.

Word Count/Page Limits:
Personal Narratives – 20 pages/5000 words
Fiction – 20 pages/5000 words
Critical Essays and Cultural Critiques – 20 pages (including bibliography) 5000 words
Interviews – 10 pages/2500 words
Poetry/Rhymes – No more than 3 pages per poem/rhyme and 3 poems per poet/mc
Graphic Stories – No more than three pages per submission (number of panels up to you) Up to three pieces per artist.
Photographs/Paintings/Collage/Drawings- 3-5, scanned as B/W only.


Please send entries as .tif, .jpeg format, word or .txt attachments to Spokes@homofactuspress.com

Not sure what you might have to contribute? Think about …contributing works that express your attitude towards…

Self/personal journey: how do you see yourself? What kind of challenges / issues do you have to deal with being you? I mean do you go by he? boy? him? you don’t care? Do you get mad when people mistake you for a …? Do you see yourself as gay or what? Are you a Butch? Bull? Hard? Stud? Aggressor? Man? Guy? Are you okay with being referred to as a Tranny? Trans? Transexual? Lesbian? Dyke? Queer? Are you just a Tomboy? Athletic? Do you always wear guy stuff? Are you pissed off by these kinds of questions? Does being an athlete give you
more space to be boyish? Are you just one of the dudes to “the real dudes”? On the real…ever think about checking out?

But…your reading this, sooo…?

On the job: Do you work for yourself? Are you a tradesperson, entrepreneur, civil servant, domestic, mid-management, white collar, educator, etc and does your job make it easier for you to “be who you be” Do you accept “public assistance?” Is interaction with social services affected by who you are / what they think they see? Do you think the “way you are seen” (then/now/always) directly affects the customer service, client advice, educational information opportunities, medical support that you are offered or receive?

Have you transitioned? How so / in what ways? Are there differences in life as a woman of color to life as you live it now?

What about relationships with your family, children, “males” in your life, friends, intimate ones, girlfriends, tricks, neighbors and random human contact.

Are you a parent? Co-parent? Adoptive parent? Foster parent? Guardian? A Primary Provider for someone younger than 18?

What about everyday living?

Community Involvement? (neighborhood, queer, trans, political, social…)

Health / wellness….

I am sure you get the picture. If it is relative to you, submit it.

Who Am I?

Sile P. Singleton is a leading force in producing and promoting the modern day Drag King cultural explosion. Truly a “Jack for all ages,” Sile is a host emcee, social activist, critical theorist, cultural commentator, performance artist, writer, parent and a buttload of other things dependant upon the moment. A life student of gender disruptions, always reclaiming, re-examining and challenging the status quo within and at the margins of everyday life.

Spokes will be published by Homofactus Press.

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