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Cripple Poetics On Sale Now!

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Jul. 19th, 2008 | 11:00 am
location: www.homofactuspress.com

A love story for crip culture! By turns playful, unsettling, raw and moving, Cripple Poetics: A Love Story is an immersive and sensual correspondence that builds and heats by accretion—one keystroke at a time. Cripple Poetics is e-mails, IMs and letters between lovers; poetic rumination/invigoration; and disability arts manifesto. Reader Ann Fox (Davidson College) writes: “As lovers/poets/performance artists Petra Kuppers and Neil Marcus court each other, they woo us as well. We are seduced by their great love of each other, crip culture, and a fierce, revolutionary dynamism that makes us want to whirl with them, through pleasure and pain, into the maelstrom of the possibilities for joy and expression the body—and this life—offer.”

The dance of courtship is reflected in language that alternately snakes and darts, declares and obfuscates, reminisces and forges—finding freedom within its limitations. “Cripple Poetics preserves and unfolds the artifacts of an original and timely love story that might otherwise have remained shrouded in a small, forgotten corner of cyberspace,” says publisher Jay Sennett.

“The dance and the eighth notes got loose: segued, went Rhumba, found poetry and got dolled up with Neil Marcus and Petra Kuppers. A crippled poetics is a perfect harmony with flesh and music and tongues.” Stephen Kuusisto, The University of Iowa

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